Hire a Agile Coach

Agile is collaboration. Work more efficiently as a team. Agile knows different frameworks that can help you, like Scrum, Kanban, Lean. The framework allows us to set goals and shows us the importance of rituals. There are many tools you can integrate that will help. Still, a successful transformation needs guidance from an Agile Coach.

Changing from an organization focused on individuals to an organization focusing on reaching goals as a collective is a challenge cause we are used to focus on individuals. Another natural human behavior, when they are being told to change, is often defensive. Why do I need to change? Are you saying I am doing my job wrong? Change might feel like it’s being forced. An essential role of the Agile coach is finding out the resistance and finding out whether the opposition is justified. Resistance has a lot of value cause it represents company culture, but also it shows loyalty. It’s up to the agile coach to adopt this information and transform it into opportunities.